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Na Alakaʻina ‘Imi Ola Hōʻike


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Kilani is a naturally gifted intuitive healer who can see, hear and feel messages from the Divine. The clarity and detail of her readings are amazing. Her talents bring significant additional context to any Tarot or Oracle card reading.

Angel Dating 🦋 CATR May 1, 2018

Thank you so much for my romance reading(s). Your insight is invaluable and I am constantly in awe of your gifts. Such clear and relevant advice every time! Your ability to see, hear, and feel messages from the Divine has helped me so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Jennifer K 🦋 CATR May 1, 2018

I want to thank you for such a beautiful and enlightening reading. My guides were busy chattering to me in my dreams all night long. So much came through. I receive most of my guidance through my dreams and last night it was sparks flying. Is there a way that I can repay you for this reading. It meant a lot to me. Hope you have a beauty filled day.Hugs to you.

Barbara 🦋 CACR May 3, 2018

Kilani is a warm, gentle and loving soul, who is blessed with amazing psychic and intuitive gifts from the Divine. Her readings are very accurate, and communicated with love and empathy. I have been quite surprised by some of the things that come up during my readings, as they were things that were only known to me. Such an amazing feeling! If you are in need of spiritual guidance, you have come to the right place.Blessings, Denise 🦋

Magical Angel and Fairy Messages 🦋 CATR

March 13, 2018

I go to her whenever i need guidance and prayer. The things she tells me always come true. I trust her and the things she tells me and her prayers, baths and blessed candles always make me feel better

Kisha Cory Apr 20, 2018

Truth ~ Everything she told me, came true. She helped me discover my abilities a s have my respect.

Anonymous May 3, 2018

This is why Radleigh Valentine wrote his book (my opinion). I asked for a reading because I hadn’t touched my cards or anything that had to do with my metaphysical JOYs. I was told by two wonderful Readers in this group it was my EGO keeping me in the fear state. Then I remember I stopped reading Radleigh’s book . Fear is keeping me stuck and not enjoying the life I want.

Marvel 🦋 CATR Jan 23, 2018

Wow, this is really amazing. Is this what you learned from the angel intuitive course? Very special. Tomorrow I will go to someone who does special massages, so she checks where things need to change. I'll also go to my doctor... Thank you very much for all this. It really gives me goosebumps. Really special.

Anouck G. 🦋 CATR Oct 3, 2017

The reading is AWESOME, so perfect as there is a lot for me to think about in the changes I am and will be making over the next say 4-6 months. A path that I walk, well let me say I love the medicine, the teachings, however, I know that I am through, can I still practice this medicine, yes, I am a healer and my passion is to do what I can to helping others. You are amazing and I want you to know that who you are, the gifts you have are AMAZING. I usually as a rule don't use cards, the messages download, channel through a Higher Power and this is why this course is challenging me per se, as I know to read the cards is what is important and yet how I do the readings, some of yours was the cards, however, most of the reading was clearly Divine inspired.

Janet H. 🦋 CATR Sept 12, 2017

Very Blessed! 🦋 I had a reading and I have to say I am seriously AMAZED! From the past life information ( Karmic Circle) to the current situations. So on point! I've gotten readings before (other places) and everything Kilani said resonated with me. I've had so many questions of my purpose in life and where I am supposed to be. I felt stagnant and just flat lined. But, since my reading with Kilani I have set into action My purposeful life path and instantly starting seeing manifestations coming through. I am truly grateful for your guidance, compassion and blessings. Once I was lost but now I Am found! Thank you for everything! I am surely going to refer everyone I know to you. So much Aloha! Love and Light!!!

Keahi 🦋 CACR Apr 23, 2018

“So, do you remember when you told me not to worry about the picture of K**** & I that I COULD NOT FIND ANYWHERE? You said that it was in an envelope, in a "dark" place and that I would find it when I was meant to. Just not any time soon. That was 7 months ago. *LOL* Well, when *** ***** was moving our file cabinet, I saw an envelope pop out from the bottom. Would you believe it was THAT picture I was STRESSING about?! @@ I can't believe it! THANK YOU! I thought I lost it!”

Anonymous June 2016

“I had two jobs and I was feeling very unhappy. I consulted with Kilani and she told me to quit the one that I felt was the best job and making the most money at because I would not go anywhere at that job. I thought she was nuts but I listened anyways. I quit that job and two weeks later the job I thought was no good gave me a raise and a promotion. SHES AMAZING ”

Veranice B. July 22, 2014

“Kilani is the most amazing psychic I've ever come across. There has been to many times she has pulled me from the darkness or a negative frame of mind. But what is most amazing about her is the fact that I did not tell her what was wrong. I live 300 miles away from her. I send her a simple text (have not talked to her in months btw) and I text " what should I do?" Her channeling is much more than anything I have ever experienced. She texts me back first telling me everything i have been going through, she tells me what I am going through, and then she helps guide me and open me up to listen to my angels. Kilani also has guided me to become a lightworker as well. I have had my own clients (thanks to her teachings) and my 3 year old is drawn to the Angel cards and this is all thanks to Kilani. THANK YOU!”

Veranice B. April 26, 2014

"Hi Kilani! I hope you remember me. I am the **** that works with **** *****. I just wanted to give you another validation. We talked again in March or April, i think. I had gotten a job offer and did not know if it was the right job to take because it was less pay and temporary, but could lead to a possible full time good job. You mentioned that the manager would really like me and help me and that this was the right job. I think I already told you that I had to decline that job. It was not going to work out with my current job. Anyways, the validation that in May I got a new General Manager at *****. He is so nice and really likes me. He is always complimenting me and making me feel good about myself. I NEVER had a manager like that. I am such a good, hard worker, and nobody has ever acknowledged me in that manner. I needed this validation from him. It has done wonders for me. Well today he offered me a temporary lead position because a manager just left and they need a lead to help. The position that they need to fill is higher up and I am not qualified for that position. I am not sure where it will lead me and I am still going to look for a job in a casino, but I just wanted to give you that validation. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas and that all is well with you."

Anonymous November 27, 2013

"Cool. I thought of you a few days ago too and was thinking about another reading. Maybe that is why I am getting the pull to get ahold of you because you were thinking about me too. I remember now. A few days ago I was listening to this song by Emeli Sande called Next to Me. It is a sprirtual song - to me anyways. I started to listen to other songs that mean a lot to me spiritually and then I remembered that you told me that in one of my readings that I connect to God through songs a lot. Anyways it is true that I do that. Another validation."

Lisa S. (Text) March 1, 2013

"Cool. I thought of you a few days ago too and was thinking about another reading. Maybe that is why I am getting the pull to get ahold of you because you were thinking about me too. I remember now. A few days ago I was listening to this song by Emeli Sande called Next to Me. It is a sprirtual song - to me anyways. I started to listen to other songs that mean a lot to me spiritually and then I remembered that you told me that in one of my readings that I connect to God through songs a lot. Anyways it is true that I do that. Another validation."

Anonymous (Verbal) September 2012


Tiny is the flower, yet it scents the grasses around it.

Small things have great effects.

One person can make a significant impact in the universe.

"Hi Kilani feliz navidad. Y quiero darte las gracias .recuerdo perfecatmente el dia que nos conocimos solo me inquietabas un poco q me observaras tanto en lo q realisaba mi trabajo y cuando te toco tu turno de aplicarte tu hielo senti una paz increible y recuerdo muy bien q me dijiste cuando puedes ir a mi casa y yo muy contenta pensando yo se q iba a aplicarte. Otro hielo y yo se perfectamente q el producto es buenisimo ademas soy experta en lo que hago Pero cuando nos despedimos el contacto de nuestras manos senti como una pequena decarga electrica y me dijiste ora mucho por tu padre y cerraste los ojos y me dijiste espera es un hombre de edad avanzada y esta muy enfermo y tu sabes quien es no es tu padre pero es muy cercano a ti solo tienen q perpararse y cuida tu salud tu sabes perfectamente de q estas enferma pero si no contrlolas esa enfermedad despues va a ser algo mas fuerte y no lo vas a querer aceptar y todo eso q me dijiste sin conocerme me desconcerto totalmente porque yo no creo en la lectura de cartas o adivinacion pero fuiste tan segura y contundente y sabiendo q lo q me dijiste era totalmente cierto me sacaste de balance y por pura curiosidad. Pusimos una cita para para "segun" yo era solamente a aplicarte el hielo pero dentro de mi dije tengo q saber quien le dijo lo q me pasa pero no encontre ninguna coneccion fui y te aplique tu Hielo y me dijiste va a haber problemas con la duena de tu producto Y me rei porqie la relacion q llevo con ella es excelente y nos tenemos una confianza excelente unica y eso no lo creo y dijiste. Va a ser por terceras personas pero no cabe duda esto no es para ti y le dije tu sabes que eso no va a pasar y si adivinas o lees bien las cartas sabras la confianza y el carino tan grande q hay entre nosotros y me dijiste solo interpreto lo q sale aqui pero tu negocio bueno va a ser algo como suplementos vitaminas. Algo naturista y va a ser porque te vas a enfermar a causa del problemas q vas a tener con tu jefa pero si quiero q sepas q estas persona te quiere mucho y te va a extranar pero porque tu vas a ser. Quien ponga el fin a esto y tu verdadera meta de ayudar a la gente y consumir los productos para tu salud. Y asi es gracias Kilani nadie mejor. Q tu todo ha pasado como me lo dijiste desgraciadamente mi suegro. Murio con la diferencia q nos fuimos preparando pero de todos modos duele y si me dio diabetis a mi jefa no la he visto y me sigue hablando por Telef. Pero yo tambien la quiero y voy a llamarla en cuanto llegue aqui mil mil gracias Kilani."

Alexa (Text) December 25, 2012

"Much more peace around home! Thank you! T***** is opening up too me!! I have had amazing "thank you s" from spirits as well"

Anonymous (Text) December 19, 2012

"Would love to schedule a session with U. My daughter ****** thought you were So gifted. & ***** ***** praises u! Look forward to hearing from u soon."

Anelanohealani (Text) June 6, 2013

"Do you remember when you did my reading, with the Angel cards, last year (May 2011) ? One of the cards in the time-line was the 'baby card'. We thought I might be getting pregnant because you saw "baby". And there was another card around that one telling me about someone that passed who 'loved me, not to worry'.Well, my sister was killed around the same time the 'deceased loved one' card showed up. And it dawned on me that the baby card was really my sister's nickname. No one calls her that except us (her immediate family).How she died was tragic and I could never have been prepared for that. Now, it all makes sense & I've been meaning to tell you."

Anonymous (Verbal) September 2012

"Kilani you are the best! During your reading it was like you could see through me with a microscope, you told me things about me and my life that ONLY I know. Like someone else posted, sometimes you just need to hear about your problem areas from someone else. YOU are the BEST and I encourage anyone to schedule a reading with you! So if anyone out there is considering having a reading with you, i say DO IT !!! Thank you Miss Kilani!"

Loretta S. August 30, 2012

"Maya ingles is too bad. Busca este sitio de internet wwwstemalive es maravillosa mi glucosa esta entre 90 y 100 y lo normal es 95 estoy muy contenta. Casi sana y una vez tu me dijiste que mi negocio verdadero iba a ser vitaminas o algun. producto natural este es el producto. Para nosotras si estas interesada dimelo o si conoses a alguien con cualquier enfermedad hasmelo saber por favor ve en internet y lo importante. Es cuando estas sintiendo el cambio en tu organismo "

Alejandra (Text) December 7, 2012

"u r so awesome and i always get confiramation from God on the things u tell me. i luv u n so glad u're my friend"

Keysha August 28, 2012

"AMAZING! I was walking round work looking on the ground gave up went to the service desk for keys then I heard your voice say, 'its close' then 'I think so' I looked in the list and found drawers haha there it was! I just looked at my phone and saw the exact mesgs from you. Cool! "

Veranice B. October 13, 2012

"Since your healing (Angelic Guided Blessing), my daughter has been absolutely wonderful. I haven't seen her this happy in such a long time & it's all because of you.I'm also doing great & haven't had any nightmares since we saw you that day. I needed you to know just how special you are. You're extremely gifted & I know you often need to be reminded with validations."

Anonymous (Verbal) August 23, 2012

"Hi Kilani! I just wanted to say thank you for the reading today. I am completely impressed. I just wanted to say and confirm to you that you said a couple of personal things, that only I know about, that was 100% accurate. The whole reading was accurate, but I needed to hear this specific information. Thank you so much, because it was the validation that I needed to hear. I hope to talk to you again one day. I put your website up on my facebook page. I hope that it inspires people to get a reading from you"

Lisa S. August 26, 2012

"Thanks for putting up with my silly questions. You've givin me so much comfort and knowledge in this process though."

Anonymous (Text) July 26, 2012

"Ahhh!!! I've been having a lot of crazy confirmations from our reading. I'd love to be able to call and tell you about them."

Anonymous (Text) July 28, 2012


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