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' Ho‘oponopono, to correct, is our foundation. Na ‘anela, our angels, will guide us.  Aloha akua, divine love, will sustain us.  Hā, our source of life, will revive us.' *

Image by Edgar Chaparro

"Kilani was amazing thank you for helping me see what I needed to see!!!"

Gara ~ Sept 2023

"The Aloha Spirit flows to you, and through you, with

Angel Intuitive Massage."



Make Every Person, Place, or Condition Better Than You Left It, Always.

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Your Life Path Consultations  provided by a modern Kahuna will be the first step to take on your Ho‘oponopono journey.   

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Ka Malama `Anela



Alakaʻina ‘Imi Ola


Kahuna Pule Kuleana



Lawelawe Poʻokela

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Kahuna Principles

Ike ~ The world is what you think it is.

Kala ~ There are no limits.

Makia ~ Energy flows where attention goes.

Manawa ~ Now is the moment of power.

Aloha ~ To love is to be happy with.

Mana ~ All power comes from within.

Pono ~ Effectiveness is the measure of truth.


Kilani is a warm, gentle and loving soul, who is blessed with amazing psychic and intuitive gifts from the Divine. Her readings are very accurate, and communicated with love and empathy. I have been quite surprised by some of the things that come up during my readings, as they were things that were only known to me. Such an amazing feeling! If you are in need of spiritual guidance, you have come to the right place.Blessings, Denise 🦋


Keahi ~ CACR

Very Blessed! 🦋 I had a reading and I have to say I am seriously AMAZED! From the past life information ( Karmic Circle) to the current situations. So on point! I've gotten readings before (other places) and everything Kilani said resonated with me. I've had so many questions of my purpose in life and where I am supposed to be. I felt stagnant and just flat lined. But, since my reading with Kilani I have set into action My purposeful life path and instantly starting seeing manifestations coming through. I am truly grateful for your guidance, compassion and blessings. Once I was lost but now I Am found! Thank you for everything! I am surely going to refer everyone I know to you. So much Aloha! Love and Light!!!


Bibiana L. 

An amazing soul 🦋 Kilani is the most empathetic spiritual worker I've ever encountered (I would know, I've went to a few lol). 2 years ago my journey started with her and after that there was no other person I wanted to deal with. She was my one as cheesy as it sounds lol. She was and still is the light at the end of the tunnel. I've had various readings and prayers done by her to deal with damage a certain person has caused and to this day has not seized. I've grown spiritually and as a person with her and her teachings. If I could go into detail about everything this woman has helped me overcome spiritually, we'd be here awhile. I will say we won a court appeal that is almost always impossible to win. Thank you from me and my family. Here's to many more victories because we're not done yet! ~ Thank you!


Maika N. 

I heard about Kilani through a family friend and the first time I felt called to reach out to her was in a time of extreme stress. I booked a reiki session with a life path consult which was exactly what I needed. I felt so much better after the reiki and she gave me so much insight on what my spirit guides wanted to tell me. I was shocked as everything she said was spot on without me giving her any context other than being stressed. Since then, I’ve gone multiple times and even took my daughter and we always leave feeling so much better. When I first went to her, my chakras were not doing well, and now they’re all balanced!
Kilani has told us about our spirit guides/messages they have for us, about my past lives and ancestors which is fascinating! She mentions things that NO ONE knows about so I have the utmost confidence in her. She cleared up confusion about my lineage! And when my cat went missing for 2 days, she told me not to worry because she was ok, and the very next day my cat showed up at the door!
I recommend my friends and family to her as she has helped me immensely!
🦋10/10 recommend.

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