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    Alternative medicine is a term that describes medical treatments that are used instead of traditional (mainstream) therapies. Some people also refer to it as “integrative,” or “complementary” medicine. Some primary examples are: Acupuncture Massage Modalities Chiropractic Medicine Herbal Medicine Ayurvedic medicine Energy Therapies Magnetic Field Therapy Reiki
    Before the massage, please complete the required forms: Informed Consent Policy Client Intake Minor Consent [ages sixteen (16) years of age and under will require adult supervision during the session] Prior to making the appointment, make sure it is a good time for you to have a massage. The sessions require a quiet, relaxing space with minimal distractions. Please ensure you are available at least twenty (20) minutes prior to, and ten (10) minutes after, your session for proper table and area preparation or cleaning. Reschedule your visit if have a fever, skin irritations (such as poison ivy or sunburn), have pain and swelling from an injury that occurred in the last 48 to 72 hours. And if you are having problems breathing that--------- your doctor is titrating or adjusting your medications (because massage can affect the dosage needed). In the days before and after your massage, drink plenty of water. Do not eat just before your massage. Please limit your fluid intake a few hours prior to your session to avoid spending your session time in the restroom.
    PRELIMINARY INFORMATION As your licensed massage therapist, I will ask preliminary questions to determine your overall health and your health and wellness goals. I will consider information about your physical condition, medical history, lifestyle, stress levels, medications and any areas of physical pain that could affect your massage therapy outcome. This information will help me, as your licensed massage therapist, structure the session to achieve your health and wellness goals. PRIVACY Before your massage, you will be asked to remove clothing to your level of comfort. Next, you will be left alone while you undress. Take off only as much as you are comfortable removing. Lie on the massage table, underneath the provided top sheet, which will be arranged to cover your body with a towel except for the part being massaged. Sessions that do not require disrobing will include the following: Angelic Guided Blessing, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Maintenance Sports Massage Therapy. ENVIRONMENT To ensure a relaxing experience, music may be played and talking during your session will be kept to a bare minimum. If either is distracting, please advise your practitioner. Relaxation, comfort, pressure and communication throughout your session is essential to having an exceptional, sanative experience. If you are uncomfortable at any time, tell your massage therapist. It’s important to relax your mind and muscles during your massage. Breathe normally and try not to tighten or contract your muscles. Maintain open lines of communication with your practitioner if you’d like to provide feedback on the pressure or techniques. The massage table is padded, and may have extra attachments or cushions, such as a face cradle, which allows you to lie face down without turning your head or neck. Accommodations are made for those clients unable to comfortably lie on the massage table. MASSAGE THERAPY SESSION Some massage services offered require the use of oil or lotion. If you are allergic to oils, lotions, or have other specific allergies, please tell me beforehand. Depending on your needs, as your massage therapist, I will massage either the full body (except private areas) or only specific areas that need attention, such as especially tight muscles. Remember to breathe normally, unless otherwise requested during your session. Table massage sessions will include five (5) minutes for the intake or preliminary assessment at the start of the session. Five (5) minutes prior to the close of your session, you will be advised that the session is over. After your massage, I will allow you to slowly get up and get dressed in privacy. It will be suggested that you take your time for your safety and, if necessary, I am close by to assist. Tips are always welcomed and appreciated to recognize outstanding service, but not required. FOLLOW UP The benefits of massage therapy are cumulative, so work with me, your licensed massage therapist, to customize a plan to meet your health and wellness goals.
    YES. If you have any concerns or questions about a medically diagnosed condition or health problem, please contact me for more information. REMEMBER, licensed massage therapists are not a substitute for a medical professional. Any immediate concerns must be referred to your physician or by dialing 911.
    ACUTE PAIN – This pain might be mild and last just a moment, or it might be severe and last for weeks or months. In most cases, acute pain does not last longer than six months, and it disappears when the underlying cause of pain has been treated or has healed. Unrelieved acute pain, however, might lead to chronic pain. **NOTE: Always notify me, your licensed massage therapist, of the nature and origin of your pain. In some instances, massage is not recommended or may require a physician release for massage therapy. ** ​ ANXIETY - is a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying. These disorders affect how we feel and behave, and can manifest real physical symptoms, i.e.: sweating, palpitations, or feelings of stress. Anxiety disorders have biological and environmental causes. They often result in depression, social isolation, shame, loss of esteem and substance abuse. CHRONIC PAIN – is any pain that lasts for more than three months. The pain can become progressively worse and reoccur intermittently, outlasting the usual healing process. After injured tissue heals, pain is expected to stop once the underlying cause is treated. **NOTE: Always notify me, your licensed massage therapist, of the nature and origin of your pain. In some instances, massage is not recommended or may require a physician release for massage therapy. ** DIGESTIVE DISORDERS - Common digestive problems include heartburn/GERD, IBD, and IBS. Symptoms may include bloating, diarrhea, gas, stomach pain, and stomach cramps. Common treatments may be medication and lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, massage, and relaxation). ​ FIBROMYALGIA - A disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory, and mood issues. Symptoms include painful tender points or trigger points, which can be relieved through medications, lifestyle changes, stress management, and select massage modalities, i.e., acupressure, craniosacral therapy, reflexology. **NOTE: Always notify me, your licensed massage therapist, of the nature and origin of your pain. In some instances, massage is not recommended or may require a physician release for massage therapy. ** MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS - A chronic, progressive autoimmune disease marked by gradual degeneration of the nerve cells in the central nervous system that control voluntary muscle movement. Pain caused by MS is described as musculoskeletal, paroxysmal, or chronic neurogenic. Musculoskeletal pain can be due to muscular weakness, spasticity, and imbalance. Common treatments may be medication, counseling, physical therapy, acupuncture and select massage modalities., acupressure, reiki, craniosacral therapy. ​ PSEUDO-SCIATICA: Piriformis Syndrome & Sacroiliac Joint Pain - Piriformis Syndrome is a condition in which the powerful piriformis muscle constricts the sciatic nerve, deep within the pelvis. Symptoms mimic sciatica; sciatic nerve pain in the glutes and leg. Sacroiliac joint pain is often diagnosed for ongoing pseudo sciatic nerve pain. Most SI joint pain syndromes are localized and will not provide the types of far ranging symptoms often mistaken for true sciatica. Medication, physical therapy, and exercise are common treatments. **NOTE: Always notify me, your licensed massage therapist, of the nature and origin of your pain. In some instances, massage is not recommended or may require a physician release for massage therapy. ** RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME (RLS) - An uncomfortable creeping, crawling, tingling, pulling, twitching, tearing, aching, throbbing, prickling or grabbing sensation in the legs (and sometimes arms or other parts of the body) that occur while sitting or lying down. This leads to an irresistible urge to move the legs to relieve the sensations. Common treatments would include medications and lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, and massage). SCIATICA - Includes symptoms of leg pain (often, tingling, numbness, or weakness) that originate in the lower back, travel through the buttock and down the large sciatic nerve in the back of either leg. Sciatica is usually caused when a herniated disk or bone spur in the spine presses on the nerve. Medication and physical therapy are common treatments. **NOTE: Always notify me, your licensed massage therapist, of the nature and origin of your pain. In some instances, massage is not recommended or may require a physician release for massage therapy. ** ​ SPORTS INJURIES - Sports injuries result from acute trauma or repetitive stress associated with athletic activities. Sports injuries can affect bones or soft tissue (ligaments, muscles, tendons). It is also important to remember that many types of injuries that affect athletes may also occur during the employment of certain occupations; i.e., clients in the building trades may develop tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, bursitis, or Baker's cyst. **NOTE: Always notify me, your licensed massage therapist, of the nature and origin of your pain. In some instances, massage is not recommended or may require a physician release for massage therapy. ** ​ TMJ SYNDROME (TMD) - Disorder of the Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) causing pain usually in front of the ear. Pain in the TMJ can be due to trauma (i.e., a blow to the face), inflammatory or degenerative arthritis or by the mandible being pushed back towards the ears during chewing, swallowing, or dental procedures. Sometimes, muscles around the TMJ used for chewing can go into spasm, causing head and neck pain which may cause difficulty opening the mouth. TRAUMA / PTSD - Trauma involves exposure to a catastrophic event usually of a life threatening or seriously physically threatening nature. Traumatic events include experiences such as having witnessed violence, having been a victim of crime or violence, having lived through a natural disaster, having been a combatant or civilian in a war zone, having witnessed or having been a victim of a severe accident. Common treatments may include lifestyle changes, counseling or therapy sessions, medication, massage, meditation, and relaxation techniques.
    A licensed massage therapist is required to review your health history, medication list, current complaints and ask pertinent questions that will guide the course of the session. Because massage can affect multiple body systems, such as the cardiovascular and nervous systems, please be honest about your health. You should also be open about alcoholic beverages and any pharmaceutical drugs, vitamins, herbal or botanical medicines you are taking. Massage can enhance or reduce the effect of pharmaceutical drugs, such as blood pressure medication, or alcoholic, pain medications and NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) could have an effect on the experience. Some NSAID examples are Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Naproxen, Diclofenac, Indomethacin, Vimovo. Knowing your history allows a therapist to determine if there are any reasons you should avoid massage or a particular technique.
    Ka Malama `Anela is an Out Call business. What this means is that we come to you for the Alternative Therapy session. Prior to contacting us for the appointment, please read the terms and conditions. You are the commiting to providing a safe space for yourself, family or friend, and the practitioner in the comfort of your home, office, establishment or other venue. This commitment is solely for your sanative benefit. Your experience will rely in part on the effort you place in the detail of the environment you provide for your session(s). The space must be closed off to outside interruptions with a clearance no smaller than an 8'x8' (area) for the massage table and practitioner. Gate codes and instructions for access on the property must be provided prior to the appointment. Pets must be kept in another room. Disruptive outside noise should be kept to a bare minimum, i.e., loud neighbor, roommate, T.V., or on-going construction. In the event these things cannot be controlled, the session can be moved to another location or rescheduled.
    COVID-19 is just as much our concern as is it yours. While there continues to be a concern of exposure, we will take extra precautionary measures. However, for those who are still concerned about exposure, we can arrange DISTANT REIKI sessions that do not require physical contact. We also offer other forms of ENERGY WORK which do not require a hands-on approach that may have the same effect on a different level.
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Code of Ethics  

This Code of Ethics is a summary statement of the standards of conduct that define ethical behavior for the massage therapist. Adherence to the Code is a prerequisite for admission to and continued licensure in the Nevada State Board of

Massage Therapy

Principles of Ethics

The Principles of Ethics form the first part of the Code of Ethics. They are aspirational and inspirational model standards of exemplary professional conduct for all members of the association. These Principles should not be regarded as limitations or restrictions, but as goals for which members should constantly strive.


Massage therapists/practitioners shall:

  • Demonstrate commitment to provide the highest quality massage therapy/bodywork to those who seek their professional service.

  • Acknowledge the inherent worth and individuality of each person by not discriminating or behaving in any prejudicial manner with clients and/or colleagues.

  • Demonstrate professional excellence through regular self-assessment of strengths, limitations and effectiveness by continued education and training.

  • Acknowledge the confidential nature of the professional relationship with clients and respect each client’s right to privacy within the constraints of the law.

  • Project a professional image and uphold the highest standards of professionalism.

  • Accept responsibility to do no harm to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of self, clients, and associates.

Rules of Ethics

The Rules of Ethics are mandatory and direct specific standards of minimally acceptable professional conduct for all members of the association. The Rules of Ethics are enforceable for all association members, and any members who violate this Code shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Massage therapists/practitioners shall:

  • Conduct all business and professional activities within their scope of practice and all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Refrain from engaging in any sexual conduct or sexual activities involving their clients during a massage therapy session.

  • Be truthful in advertising and marketing, and refrain from misrepresenting his or her services, charges for services, credentials, training, experience, ability, or results.

  • Refrain from using Hui O `Anela & / or Ka Malama `Anela membership, including the Hui O `Anela & / or Ka Malama `Anela name, logo or other intellectual property, or the member’s position, in any way that is unauthorized, improper, or misleading.

  • Refrain from engaging in any activity which would violate confidentiality commitments and/or proprietary rights of Hui O `Anela & / or Ka Malama `Anela or any other person or organization.

Effective Date Feb 2, 2012

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  • Respect, courtesy, and dignity

  • Treated as a health care professional

  • Complete and accurate disclosure of health/medical conditions during intake process

  • Communication of expectations and concerns about the massage  

  • Timely arrival at massage therapy appointment, payment at time of service and reasonable cancellation notice (our cancellation policy is no later than 24 hours)

  • The right to stop a massage and report anything they feel is inappropriate during the massage


  • Mutual respect, courtesy, professionalism, confidentiality and dignity between you and the massage therapist

  • Being draped appropriately by a sheet, towel, or blanket, with only the area being massaged exposed

  • A licensed/registered/certified professional massage therapist, working within their scope of practice and in an ethical manner. Expect them to be a member of a professional association with a code of ethics.

  • A health intake conversation about your medical conditions and your expectations for the massage

  • The right and option to ask questions of the massage therapist and receive professional responses

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