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Hawaiian Values

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

‘Ike pono ‘Ike - To know, to see, to feel, to understand, to comprehend, to recognize Pono - righteous, appropriate, moral, goodness, proper, fair Urges us to integrate our intellect and our intuition.

Mālama To care for, to protect, to maintain, to attend to Caring for one another, nature, and our world, will enable us to flourish.

‘Imi Na‘auao To seek enlightenment, wisdom, and education The quest for knowledge and enlightenment is essential to our journey.

Aloha Love, affection, compassion, sympathy Love and respect for God, our natural world, and one another, is the foundation of our existence.

Ha‘aha‘a Humility, humbleness, modesty Let us persevere with humility in all that we do.


Family, relative

Treat your family like guests. Treat your guests like family.

Hawaiian Values ~

Kumu Karen Carroll teaching Hawaiian Values through stories.

Madre Productions Hawaii

Published on Jul 11, 2015

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