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The Kupua ~ psychological school of Huna

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Hawaiian mythology comes from various islands throughout Oceania and is rich and complex and holds that the old and the infirm are rewarded with life after death. Indeed, some scholars find that many of the concepts and stories in Greek mythology to be similar to the polytheistic and animistic beliefs in Oceania and Hawaii.

The Huna Kupua system of esoteric wisdom still found in Hawaii is thought to have existed in Polynesia for thousands of years, having been passed on as part of an oral tradition. It involves deep self-perception and an ongoing relationship with all existences, and it has been defined as “the science of the control of universal life energies through control of the mind and breath.” Huna means “secret,” and the basic commandment of Huna Kapua is “Harm no one and nothing with hate.” (Toropov 2011)

The following are the core ideas of the Huna tradition:

  • These are the initial Huna assumptions, the first being “The world is what you think it is.”

  • These , including one’s higher self.

  • The four levels of reality: objective or scientific reality, subjective or psychic reality, symbolic or shamanic reality, and holistic or mystical reality. The kahuna (healer or shaman) can move between these four levels freely.

World Religions: The History, Issues, and Truth By G. A. Mohr; Edwin Fear

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