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The DELUXE COMBO Herbal Cleansing Bath:


~ Psychic shielding & protection

~ Psychic, etheric, & aura cleansing

~ Assist with removing psychic & negativity blocks

~ Assist with connecting to the Higher Self

~ Heals the aura & spirit, physical & etheric bodies**

~ Adds extra protection & shielding

~ Assist with reversing jinxes, hexes, vexes, spells, curses, ill-wills, & evil eyes

~ Repairs damage done to any part of one's spiritual being

~ Promote prosperity & abundance after such negative attacks have been released

~ Aids with manifesting the heart's wishes & desires

~ Assist one with love & acceptance of self AND others for all types of relationships - family, friends, & general public

~ Assist with past life links and recognition of current blocks

~ Assist with cutting karmic ties, in all directions of time, that prevent LOVE from flowing through one's life

~ If requested, assist with calling forth one's Twin Flame

~ Repair damage done to any part of one's spiritual being as a result of "feeling undeserving of love"

~ Aids in bringing forth prosperity & abundance in Career & Finance.


This bath, as with ALL Pukuku`i herbal baths, is only used with love, in loving ways, & will never be advised to send any Negative outward. It will, with the written prayer included, provide a blessing to remove all karmic AND negative blocks. This bath will assist with bringing recognition as to how the blocks came into being by bringing one's Ego (physical body & mind) closer to their Higher Self. Often, this information will come to the user during or soon after the bath. For best results, it is recommended that the user meditate while taking the bath. The DELUXE COMBO Herbal Cleansing Bath assists with manifesting the desire for repair & healing of all layers of one's being. Also, it will bring forth prosperity & abundance to oneself, career & finance included, for a happier, healthier, & bountiful life once necessary repairs are made.


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