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Spiritual Properties of Kiwi Jasper


Kiwi Jasper is a nurturing stone that helps to soothe the mind and emotions. Its energy helps us get relaxed, easing anxiety, worry, stress, and fear. Kiwi Jasper is also a stone of harmony and balance. It can help to bring peace and calm to any situation.


A great stone for transformative times, Kiwi Jasper is used in crystal healing to help put the physical, emotional and mental body in alignment to prepare it for out of body  experiences. It is also used to aid in dream recall and shamanic journeys. It is said that Kiwi Jasper can help psychics have premonitions and be able to see clearly what is coming up ahead for both them and those close to them. 


Kiwi Jasper is associated with the Heart Chakra and is believed to nurture and support us in times of stress. It lifts the spirit, removes negative emotions, and offers us strength and support. It is an ideal stone to work with when suffering from addiction or compulsive behaviors, and can be a key tool in a journey of recovery.


Kiwi Jasper is also a great overall healing stone because it has the capacity to open up a person’s heart and harmonize the vibration of the body. By allowing energy to flow it helps release tensions, and pains in the body. 


Spiritual Properties of Hamsa Hand


The Hamsa Hand is a universal sign of protection, power and strength.  It's believed to protect against the evil eye and all negative energies. 


The Hamsa symbol represents the hand of a supreme being and is believed to provide protection, strength, and blessings. It is often seen as a sign of good luck and can be worn or displayed in homes as a way to ward off negative energy. In some cultures, it also represents abundance and fertility.