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Ho`omaika`i i Ka Hale ~ 


Energyexists in all things, animate and inanimate. It can also be transferred intentionally or remain stagnant through time. When a foreign energy, negative or benign, attaches to a host, or object, it often requires assistance in clearing to restore balance.

Commonly known as a house healing or space clearing, these house blessings intend to protect the inhabitants from oppression and misfortune. Previous inhabitants can remain earthbound to familiar places. Clearing the energy can help create a fresh start of prosperity with fortune, health, happiness, peace and harmony.




Candles, oils, herbs, and other indigenous methods for protection, such as ti, sage and sea salt, are often used with prayers. As with all blessings, these are specific to each client and situation, therefore they cannot and will not be duplicated.


PriceFrom $20.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Brief complimentary consultation.




    1. SCHEDULE: Consultation ~ 10 minutes max.

    2. CONSULTATION: Obtain a primary focus, intentions and property details.

    • Pricing design: For a single dwelling, apartment or house, select the number of bedrooms. Dens, offices, man caves, offices and converted rooms will be added to the room count. Family rooms in a home with a separate den is counted as one room. Baths, kitchens, dining rooms and laundry rooms are included in price.


    • A dwelling more than 2000 square feet is an additional charge including any dwelling that has more than one story. The perimeter of the dwelling can be added to the session for an extra charge. This requires extra session time and materials and must be mentioned during the initial consult. If there is a garage or car port, it will be a part of the blessing.

    3. SCHEDULE SESSION: Session times will vary for all clients. For clients with a busy schedule, this service may be done remotely. The client must be available for the purpose of alignment with the intention of the blessings if a remote session is chosen. Remote sessions receive a discount.

    4. PAYMENT: After the initial consultation and scheduling, all payments must be received no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled session time.

    5. COMPLETION: An email, or text, will be sent upon completion. We will be available for a few minutes if there are any questions about the services performed.

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