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Cards for the week of the NEW MOON : 7/19 to 7/25/20

These are the Hawaiian Oracle cards for the FOURTH WEEK of July.


When I was attempting to pull for this week, my guides pulled too! I got 2 JUMPERS before the first card came out in the Mana Card Deck!

Huikala is from the Hawaiian Healing Intentions Deck.

It means Release, Cleanse, Absolve, Transmute the Negative Energy, Honor the Relationship.

The first jumper is Aloha from the Mana Card Deck.

The word means LOVE, FELLOWSHIP, UNITY, HARMONY, HUMILITY, INTEGRITY, PATIENCE, ENDURANCE, TOLERANCE . The essence is ❤️Love❤️. Awaken to the Peace that comes from Expressing the Truth of your soul. Be Gentle to others and yourself, and Be Tolerant.

The second jumper is 'Iwi from the Mana Card Deck.

The word means BONES. The essence is Respect. Revere the Sacredness of your Inner World, most Intimate Relationships and Family Ties. 🔶Do not allow energy to be dispersed through Lack of Respect or Misdirection.

The LAST card is ‘I’o from the Mana Card Deck.

The word means ESSENCE 🔹 ‘I’O, HAWK ◽◾ ‘IO, SOUL ▪ I’O. And the essence of this word is MYSTERY. In other words, be comfortable with the mystery of the Divine. Uncertainty is part of the process. Not all questions need to be answered. Relinquish Control. Accept with gratitude the lessons that come from negative people or circumstances.


#CardsoftheWeek 7/19 -7/25/20 for #NewMoonClearing : #Huikala { #cleanse ) & ‘I’O (#divine ) plus 2 jumpers (pulled by spirit) #Aloha❤️ & ‘Iwi (#respect )

I hope this message helps you.

Malama pono.


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