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These candles are sold individually or in half dozen increments and are not charged, or blessed. You may place your own specific intentions upon each one.

Although there are basic meanings for each color, these are provided while the candles are specifically selected by your spirit guides. When these candles are lit, it is with THAT intent that the angels carry your wishes, in the form of a prayer, to be heard & answered.

If the these are specifically selected by your angels or guides, the silver candle is used to sever karmic chords. Some guides require more than one silver candle, while most are content with the intentions placed upon a single candle selected.

The white candle symbolizes the encompassing of the Divine's White Light. This candle invokes the angels around you to protect and ensure that you are safe and guarded. Typically, whether burning with another colored candle or as a stand alone, these are lit on every occasion of cleansing and prosperity manifestations.


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  • Weight: 0.42 ounces each

    Size: 4" height x 43mm diameter
    Color: Various
    Burn Time: up to 2 to 3 Hours

    Candles are sold individually.

    Candle holders shown are not included.

    Candles are not charged, or blessed. You may place your own specific intentions upon each one prior to lighting.

    The Silver Cord penny candle is an extra $1 charge and sold individually. Silver Cord penny candles are not eligible for Mix & Match selection as availability of this item is limited.

    Mix & Match is available only for unblessed candles in 6 count or 12 count increments. Please specify if there is a preference on the number of each color in your purchase otherwise your angelic guides will determine the selection.

    The angel's and spirit guide's intentions, with the meanings of each color chosen, will be included with purchase.

    Burn within sight. Keep away from things that are flammable. Keep away from children and pets.

    Please review Return / Exchange Policy in View Cart.

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