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$20 Remote House Blessings


For a limited time, we're offering




Session times are limited to less than 25 mins.

Hui O 'Anela reserves the right to charge more for longer sessions and inquiries that delve into Mediumship & Life Path Consultations.

Business Blessings are not included.

Custom Blessings & Reiki Sessions are not included in promotion.

For your House Blessing, please send an email to schedule, with any inquiries, to, attention to "House Blessing" in the subject line.

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response for scheduling and your inquiries with instructions for payment. Once the payment has been received, please allow 24 - 48 hours for confirmation of the session. If the payment has not been made 24 hours prior to the arranged scheduling, the session will be cancelled.

You will be given an option to communicate by text or e-mail after the initial payment has been made. In some instances, the client may need to participate during the remote blessing and staying in contact during the session is often necessary.

REMEMBER: Referrals are always welcome and appreciated. If you're referring a client, I ask that they mention your name in order to validate any discounts. I will honor any referral within three months of your session. Mahalo.

Please read our terms of use , cancellation policy and privacy policy prior to purchase.

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