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Spiritual Properties of Pink Aventurine


Pink Aventurine is considered a feminine crystal with a gentle and loving vibration. It is said to attract good luck and is often used in rituals and spells for this purpose.


Pink Aventurine is also traditionally associated with the Heart Chakra, making it a powerful tool for healing emotional wounds and promoting self-love. This gentle-loving crystal is perfect if you're seeking a crystal to help you feel more connected to the divine feminine energy of the universe.


Spiritual Properties of Orange Aventurine


Orange Aventurine is known to activate one’s personal will and manifestation abilities.  It also enhances creativity and helps you stay focused. As one begins mentally creating and conjuring all of their thoughts and dreams, this Aventurine variety can help ground them to this physical plane. By doing this, it will help you see the true power you hold within yourself. One will then become reminded of the control that they have within their own universe and how their decisions can directly affect their future outcomes.


Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Weight: 0.53 ounces

    Size: 7 inches 
    Color: Variety of Pinks & Oranges with Gold plated spacers

    Pink Aventurine is a type of quartz that gets its name from the Italian word "aventura," meaning "by chance." This semi-precious stone ranges in color from pale pink to peach and is flecked with sparkly bits of mica.

    Orange Aventurine is a member of the Aventurine family and a variety of Quartz. The orange colors are from tiny inclusions of Hematite and Goethite. Occasionally you will see some forms of Mica (the tiny specs that sparkle on the surface). Depending on the amount and density of these inclusions, this stone can range from a matte orange-brown to a vibrant colorful orange.

    Pukuku'i Jewelry is hand-made and few items are duplicated. Once the item is sold, it cannot be replaced. Therefore, all items must be reviewed and approved by Us prior to return or exchange (for a similar or alternative item) in rare incidents. ** •

    **Exceptions may apply to items(s) that arrive damaged while in transit.​

    • Non-qualifying items(s) are those that exhibit excessive abuse &/ or wear-and-tear. Spacers, links, clamps, and charms are not sterling-silver; therefore, they may tarnish if exposed to moisture. Tarnished silver-plated brass or nickel will not be considered for a return/exchange.​
    • Excluding item(s) that arrive damaged in transit, if Pukuku`i Jewelry is damaged beginning day 30 after confirmation of the delivery date, We are not responsible for the product(s) while in the possession of the client, or recipient. The new owner takes full responsibility of the product(s) and any cosmetic and physical damage, including any defects that may arise (after the fact) while in possession of it. ​
    • With the purchase of this product(s), use of this website & opportunity to disclose a list of allergies prior to purchase, the client, or recipient, has taken full responsibility for their action(s). This absolves Hui O `Anela of ALL responsibility (financial, medical & legal) that pertains to any negligence or failure to disclose information that would impact the client's health, allergy, or adverse reaction from wearing or using Our product(s).


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