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Ho`olaʻa Ke`ena Hana ~


For a business to prosper, any establishment will benefit from a clearing and business blessing. When embarking on a new journey, in many cultures, blessings are traditionally performed.  

A journey may include a new life, such as a wedding, welcoming a family member, a new home, a business venture, or important projects.


Candles, oils, herbs, and other indigenous methods for protection, such as ti, sage and sea salt, are often used with prayers. As with all blessings, these are specific to each client and situation, therefore, they cannot and will not be duplicated.


PriceFrom $30.00
Excluding Sales Tax |


    1. SCHEDULE: Consultation ~ 10 minutes max.


    2. CONSULTATION: Obtain a primary focus, intentions and property details, i.e. number of bedrooms, baths, offices, property size, etc. Prices are based on the number of rooms, offices or spaces. The prices will vary with the property size or total area of the lot vs the dwelling area to be blessed and how the client wishes it to be performed. In person vs. remotely?


    3. SCHEDULE SESSION: Session times will vary for all clients. These blessings are often done remotely, in a private setting and rarely on the phone. The client doesn’t need to be physically available but may schedule a time when their participation can be accessed by text.


    4. PAYMENT: An invoice will be sent after the initial consultation and scheduling. All payments must be received no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled session time.


    5. COMPLETION: An email, or text, will be sent upon completion.


    *Please review the terms for cancellation & privacy policy. No Refunds. No Exceptions.

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